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This is all a bit left-field I know I as bang on about books all the time, but I also just want to underline the importance of reading other stuff as well, not just books. I hate the fact to ‘be a reader’ you have to have read the most recent Booker Prize list, and know what’s in this weeks top ten. You don’t. You don’t even need to read books; magazines, newspapers, recipes books, instruction manuals etc anything as long as it interests you and fires off your imagination.

If you are visually happy, comfortable or whatever it is with whatever you are reading, that then it going to give off super positive vibes around the house. To be interested in what you’re reading is the key, whatever the age. It drives me potty when school books are slid into my daughter’s book bag of which she has absolutely no interest in. What is the point of that? I know it’s part of a drive to teach her comprehension skills, but as an adult you know that if you are in a meeting that you are not interested in, you switch off. Same with this. Usually, I pretend it’s been read after a quick skim read and wait for the next one in the hope that it will get better. There is a vast range of subject matter out there, and the reason is because thankfully, we don’t all like the same thing.

What I am most desperate to get rid of, is the label that reading is some kind of punishment, or forced activity. ‘Sit in the corner and read a book!’ ‘Go upstairs and read a book!’ Two phrases that I really hope aren’t used any more. Reading should be a pleasurable, leisurely activity, one that has good connotations for all.  If exposed to books, a child who likes reading will pick one up and get started. A child that doesn’t, must be shown that books shouldn’t be sneered at. There will be something out there that they like!



1 Magazines – for younger children the BBC ones are all great as they teach early phonics too

2 – Jaquliene Wilson magazine

3 – Footballing magazines full of facts

4 – Comics (Beano – yes, it’s still going!)

5 – Joke books

6 – Graphic novels

7 – Stories on the ipad

8- Cook books (think of the fun you can have cooking together)

9 – Annuals

10- Guiness book of World Records

I will get on to the subject of i-pads, apps and computer games soon enough but it is too big a subject to write about here.



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