Reading recommendations – aged 8

I just thought I’d do a really quick post about some lovely books that my daughter (aged 8) and I have really enjoyed recently. I’ve seen a fair bit on social media about this age being a bit of struggle, when you’ve polished off the ‘classics,’ (Roald Dahl, David Walliams etc)  You may think 8 is a bit old to still be read to at bedtime, but we genuinely love finding books together and it is a great way for both of us to wind down.  It’s not every night, I admit.  Some nights it’s just not going to happen and she happily reads to herself, but when we do sit down together it’s still a lovely time.  So if you’re short of a few ideas, we’ve been on a really good run recently and found some brill reads that I thought would be good to share:


Madame Doubtfire

Totally have to admit that I didn’t know this was written by Anne Fine! I loved her when I was young (especially The Indian in my Cupboard) I’ve only ever seen the film so it was a joy to read the original story.  She is a fair bit different to the Robin Williams character, but still really loveable.  The premise is the same.  Divorced Dad, wants to see his kids, using Madame Doubtfire as a way to do that.  Some parts I had to gloss over a little bit, and obviously we watched the film afterwards, forgetting about some of the more fruity language! Anyway, we loved it and it is well worth a read.  (Also, I can’t recommend Anne Fine enough, pretty much all her books are spot on.  YA readers will enjoy them too.)



Return to the Secret Garden

We loved, loved, loved this book! (Oh, and we are HUGE Holly Webb fans too.  Really talented writer that makes reading really fun and accessible.)  Now, we’ve read the Secret Garden, and you kind of have to, to make this one make sense.  The original is very wordy, and I think it could be a bit much for some, but with a bit of explanation we got through it and my daughter loved it, just like millions of us before her.  This update by Holly Webb, however, is just perfectly written and a real joy to re-visit all the old characters.  It was so lovely to see my daughter work out who was who 30 years on, and to hear about what had happened to the garden.  I have to say there are some sad parts in it, one in particular that you have to go a bit carefully with, but it is a truly stunning book.  Lots of questions asked about WW2 too, so if you child happens to be doing it at school it would be a good one to read.





The World According to Humphery

This is a book and author that I had never heard of until my daughter brought it home from school.  It’s written by Betty G. Birney, and having googled it I’ve discovered it’s the first in one massive series!  It’s all about Humphery, a school hamster, and how he sees the staff and children in his class.  There are some really funny bits in it, and he gets up to all sorts of adventures.  It’s quite American but it does translate pretty well.  By the looks of it there are some shorter, easier to read ones too for younger readers that might be good fun.  For a family that have recently acquired 2 guinea pigs this is a good one to read.  Overall it’s a real innocent plot with a cheeky, furry pet as the main character – what more do you want!


Any other recommendations would be greatly appreciated, please do get in touch with ideas.


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