How to fall in love with your local bookshop



It was #bookshopday this week, where book shops, thankfully mainly independent ones, were celebrated and shared.  As you’ve probably gathered I have a weakness for bookshops,  and so this got me thinking. Imagine if you have never been to one, never experienced the magic inside?  Unthinkable.

So, this week I want to share a tip to start them young.  To make visiting a bookshop something to look forward to, where they will be able to make their own decisions about what type of reader they will become.  For the last couple of years my oldest daughter and her Grandma (two obsessive readers) have had a little deal.  On my daughter’s birthday her Grandma buys her a book token, for every month of the year.  (I know, extravagant, it started with 3 months worth, then 6, and now a whole year.)  What a gift!

This means my daughter has some money to spend on books each month, and she looks forward to (and constantly nags) about going to spend the vouchers.  Yes, she loves books, she loves collecting, and she also loves buying things for herself.  You can’t lose!  We’ve had some lovely times searching the shelves for what she wants, and she now has a long list of her favourite authors.  Stand up Holly Webb, David Walliams, Liz Pichon etc and keep writing as we are fast running out of books!

It’s a fabulous gift and one you may not have thought of before.  It could work as a Christmas present too, as an alternative to all that plastic fantastic you’ll get.  Stick the vouchers on the tree, turn it into a real event, a treasure hunt, anything to get them excited at the prospect of new books. I promise you, even the most reluctant of readers will enjoy spending money on themselves…

As a side issue, Independent bookshops really need your support at the beginning of the year when we usually stop spending, so this is a win win situation.  And they’ll be something for you too.  Most have a lovely café, where you can settle in with a brew and slice of cake whilst your kids go spending.  They are usually dripping with recommendations, lovely writing accessories and crafty stuff.  If nothing else it’s a few hours of joy in the dark depths of January.

So, if you want some advice about where to go, have a look here. This was written for #bookshopday and is full of reasons to support your local shop.  Enjoy!


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