Babies and books

So after a brief pause, to have a baby (my third…I know!) celebrate my birthday as well as Christmas and New Year, I’m back on it.  It’s been a busy few months, but we still managed to squeeze in a few book-related highs.  For a start, I was totally bowled over during a visit to the big man when my girls were asked what they wanted as presents.  And do you know what they both said?  ‘Books!’ I have to admit there was a tablet in the mix for my youngest one, so clearly I’m not totally anti-tec but books still played a big part in the (huge) hoard under the tree. For both girls, (from Father Christmas…)there was a big box of books alongside their stocking.  Particularly for the older one, they were the next in the series of ones we have read together, or classics that she is now old enough to enjoy.  It was really good fun to put together, I imagine, and I think she appreciated it.  There’s a few that I’m really excited about her starting, such as Harry Potter. What an adventure lies ahead!!

Back to babies, and I have been super surprised about the importance of books to little babies, and we’re talking really young ones.  Mine is now 5 weeks old, so I had a quick look at one of those ‘What to expect from your 5 week old’ websites, and I’m totally delighted that books are mentioned, described as a really important part in their development.  I know, I was surprised too, but the thinking behind it is that as their eyesight starts to improve they enjoy starting to recognise different shades, such as black and white.  So, books with black and white pages are a winner.  This not only establishes an early connection of fun with Mum, but must make your baby see books as a good, positive thing.  I can’t image mine will get it straight away, but I can only see this is as a good idea, setting the foundations for a good relationship with books in the future, and I know how hard that can be for a boy!

There are loads on the market, all specially designed for those first few months.  I have a few from the Amazing Baby range which have been enjoyed by all my kids. Remember, a trip to your local independent bookshop is the best place to get tailor- made advice, as well as a hot cup of tea and cake.  Just what is called for when you have a little baby in tow!

Not that I needed an excuse but definitely going to be waving a few pages in front of my little one from now on.  Not too much, about 10 minutes of play time before he gets too tired is the advice, but can’t wait for him to get up to give it a try.  Let’s hope he enjoys them as the rest of us, I’ll keep you posted!


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