World Book Day – saved by the snow

Who’d have thought it.  Last night my oldest (yep, the one that features in my last post about how much she hates dressing up, therefore dreads World Book Day) actually said to me, ‘I’m really worried school’s going to be closed because of the snow.  That means World Book Day will be cancelled.’  I mean, what?? After all those year’s of pain I’ve actually got it right?

This year she chose Matilda from the Worst Witch, having read the books before the CBBC series, and then again after.  Perfect choice as the costume is basically a school uniform, therefore she won’t stand out and ‘look stupid.’  Her words, not mine.  So apparently we nailed it this year. She liked the pinafore dress, and has apparently always wanted to wear a tie.

All systems go until we wake up this morning, and like in most areas across the country the announcement is made ‘SCHOOL IS CLOSED.’  Much whooping from the kids, much sighing from the parents.  With temperatures not due to rise above -3 there wasn’t really much of a decision to be made. There are certainly not many mornings you see a group of snowboarders walk past the end of your drive anyway!  Costume shelved for next year then?

Good luck to everyone at home today,  I can’t help thinking this is the perfect day to snuggle up with a good book (if the kids allow.)  If not, focus on that gin later.  Maybe World Book Day isn’t so bad after all.




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