I haven’t got time to read. Really?

Rudding Park spa, Harrogate…without kids!

Wow.  Talking about needing to blow the dust off this blog.  Life is just moving too fast.  Lots of highs, a few crashing lows but mainly just the day to day grind of life.  With three kids, or two kids and a baby, just getting through the day can be an achievement.  With this is mind I am writing now after a recent conversation, that went a little bit like this:

‘ Not read a book yet this year.  Just can’t find the time.’

Me: ‘ I know it’s tough.  I just go to bed and read before I go to sleep.  Which these days is about 8 ‘o’clock.’

‘I don’t know how you find the time.’

Me: ‘Well I go to bed so I can read.’


Me: ‘Erm, well. Doesn’t everyone?’

And there you have it.  Two things.  I am clearly a massive geek, and I was genuinely surprised.  So not everyone makes time in the day to read?  There is time to watch TV, or look at phones, or watch DVD’s, Netflix, go out, eat food, but not read a book?

That is something I struggle with, especially as the person I was talking to has kids, and if they don’t read then neither will their child.  Imagine that?  No sharing of Roald Dahl or David Walliams, Enid Blyton, JK Rowling. No swapping stories of favourite books. No trips to the library or book shop, no bed time reading, no Sunday morning chilling, nothing.  Don’t get me wrong, my lot are just as into their I-pads as the next child, but I know that reading for them isn’t a chore and can be just as exciting.  For me, books need to be a natural part of childhood, despite all of the distractions.

So, if you’re currently struggling to find time to read, have a quick think about your day and just see if you can carve out a cheeky twenty minutes with a book.  Do you really not have time to read?  Believe me there are some cracking new books out there.  Treat yourself and buy one.  Wake up half an hour earlier.  Go to bed twenty minutes earlier.  Take it on the train/bus/tram on the commute to work, but most importantly when you get in, try and share a book with your child.  You never know what you both might learn.



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