Take time out and chill….with a book

The headline ‘Pupils as young as four having panic attacks.‘ Wow, that makes me sad.  Seriously, what kind of a world are we living in?  Teachers reporting stressed out kids is nothing new, but at 4?? This has got to be addressed.  And you know what one of the causes is?  Social media.  I tell you, social media is turning us into stressed out, unhappy individuals.  Are the panicked ones the kids that are plastered all over social media to show everyone else how great their lives are? Are they the kids that go to every extra-curricular activity so a selfie of the kid with a certificate can be shared to the world?   As teenagers, are the stressed ones the ones that just can’t complete with the fake world of social media?

Obviously it’s not all as clear cut as that as factors at home, relationships, friendships etc cause anxiety, and some kids have such chaotic lives they are simply out of anyone’s control.  I also totally note the irony of me writing this on here, but social media is something that we can control.  Carve out some quiet time.  Do something retro like read a book.  Switch your phone off for a short time every day and just feel the stress ebb away.  It’s a gift you could pass on to your kids as well.  Remember, when they are little, they want to do everything that you do.  If you’re on your phone all day, they’ll think that’s the norm.  If you read a book, that instead will become the everyday. I’m not saying switch off all together, but just let it have less impact in our lives.  You never know, reading could be something your kids turn into a lifelong passion.  Not something that you can say about the fleeting, ever changing world of social media.





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